April 9, 2017

It has been a busy week here at BHH. The warm weather has the hives working hard at getting fresh brood in place to replace the aged winter bee populations. We have given each hive their second pound of pollen substitute, I expect the trees will begin blooming next week.

bees have been working away at the pollen patties, fed to the young larva.

Most of our hives have come through winter at medium strength, but have really improved over the past week. I expect in the next 2 weeks, if the forecast holds true some of the hives will be given more space.

Yesterday we added Apivar strips to the hive, this has been a very effective treatment against beekeeping’s largest threat, the varroa mite. We find with a spring treatment, sampling in fall are below threshold and treatment is not needed with the spring treatment.

Mornings are still chilly but the daytime temps have the bees on the pollen sub feeders

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