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We have made it our mission here at Border Hills Honey Ltd. to provide top quality products, the honey used in our products is 100% pure, and 100% Canadian, and always will be.

Border Hills Honey began producing and selling honey in 2013. With humble beginnings of only 5 hives and big dreams, our operation has grown considerably since we began keeping bees as a hobby.

Our real fruit flavoured and creamed honey products are exploding in popularity, we began to move our product into retail locations across Canada in 2018, and are actively seeking more locations We are proud to make top quality local Canadian honey available to the public, in the wake of uncertainty in imported honey quality and purity. The honey used in our products distributed across Canada is 100% Canadian, and always will be.

As we expand our operation to supply retailers across Canada, we are keeping the quality of our honey as a top priority. Currently we are selling unpasteurized creamed honey, real fruit flavoured honey, as well as a variety of homemade wax products.

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